Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hangin' Around At Blossom's

Hi, it's me Rabies. I'm at this chick Fireblossom's place. Someone gave her a camera and said just point and shoot, and that's sure what she's been doing. Glad they didn't give her a revolver. As you can see, I have made friends with Sean the Sheep. We both like Wensleydale cheese. I't s like X, kinda.
Here I am trying to give this bimbo a hint that she should try actually opening one of those cookbooks. But it's no use. She'd rather write letters to Pheromone Girl. I mean, let's prioritze here....feeding the guest should come first, am I right? This woman's going to need some training, i can tell.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Monkey Has Landed

Hi, it's Rabies. I have arrived safely at Fireblossom's house. What a dump! There isn't even a jacuzzi or outdoor dinner theater. Well, I suppose I'll make the best of it, if I can ever get this Fireblossom person to cave and call me "Your Emminence." I need a banana. I get leg cramps otherwise. Talk about roughing it! I don't think Michigan is even a state, I think it's like part of Canada. Maybe I should brush up on my French! "Garcon! Le banana, see voo play!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Um... hello?

It's dark in this box. Not sure where I am, but we're moving. I'm on the way to Fireblossom's house to hang out. Mom said there'll be bananas. Good thing, there's nothing to eat in here and I'm getting hungry.

I'd post pictures but - um - it's dark. I'm in a box, you know.



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The travel bug has bit me - where's the calamine?

I'm ready for another road trip. The adventure to Hood River, Kennewick, Spokane and Yakima was great fun - those three get really silly when they travel! - but I need a little road trip of my own (or is it a box trip!?!?) Favorite part? The car wash. Not so favorite part? Not being allowed in the museum. No pets. Dang.

I should make it to the post office today. That means the next few days will be spent in the back of vans and trucks and maybe even an airplane. Cool! I haven't flown before. Where's I put the dramamine?

When I get to Fireblossom's house, I guess there's a friend or two to meet. I hope I get to hang around with her while she does the stuff she usually does. I'm sure you'll see pictures and hear stories. I'm SOOO excited!

Watch for updates as I make my way east on a new adventure! Thanks for checking out my blog.


Monday, May 4, 2009


My name is Rabies. I'm a stuffed monkey and I like to travel.

My blog will have guest bloggers (since I can't type with these horrendously long arms and no fingers) as I make my way all over the country and the world to visit friends.

Keep an eye out - this should be fun!