Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where do I learn to speak Miamian in 4 easy lessons???

It's official... my next venture into the world of mom's friends will lead me to Miami!! I'm so excited, Mom's buying me an autograph book so all the cool people I meet can sign it.

She's packing me up for travel on Monday and I bet I'll be sitting on the beach next weekend, soaking up the rays and checking out the people. Mom - did you pack my swim trunks, the ones with monkeys on them?? Maybe I'll get to tag along to art class or hang out on Scarlet's desk at work. I hear she has a cool boss!

Wow! It's so nice to have people that want to meet me. I hear Scarlet has kids and a dog, too. And I bet she knows famous people like the Miami Dolphins and the guys from Miami Ink and maybe some cross dressers like there are in my favorite movie of all times, The Birdcage!! Ooh, I'm so excited!!

Hey, mom, could you pack some extra sandwiches this time? And how about the new Hellboy comic, hmmm? It gets boring in those mailing envelopes without the XBox 360...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'm ready to hit the road again. You know, find someplace sunny where I can hit the beach, learn to surf and be the coolest monkey on the planet. And mom doesn't make me clean up after the dog. Fireblossom never made me do chores... Ezmond looks like this when I wake up - ready to either eat me or drag me around the yard, burying me to find later. I think. And yes, that's Buddha on his nose. He thinks he's so - ZEN. Dork.

An invitation has been made to warmer climes and I'm waiting for confirmation that I'd be WELCOME to visit with a very cool family in the greater Miami area. Scarlet? Are you out there?


I wonder if I'll get some ink (maybe a TAT of my awesome bff Sean the Sheep), see lots of bikinis and tans, learn to speak Spanish, drink exotic things and basically have a complete BLAST while mom sits at home and works.

Ooh.... I'm sooooo excited!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I heard mom's voice in the background for a while, but I was covered by this journal and post card and all this LOVE that Fireblossom had put in my envelope. Yep. I was mortified to find that I was shipped all the way across the country in a yellow envelope. With bubble pack - and I couldn't even stomp it!! After all, theres nothing better to kill the time than a nice sheet of bubble wrap. Or to be tied around Ezmond's neck and go for a sprint around the yard, looking for imaginary rodents. He's a freak.... but I missed him.

My Sara was so happy to see me that she kidnapped me to her room and I sit here, on her shelf, watching over her as she sleeps. She said I came home with really happy karma so I must have had fun at Fireblossom's. Well, DUH! All the string cheese a boy could want? Sean the Sheep was a great companion. And Bosco is a cutie pie. It was a good vacation by any stretch of the imagination! I'd go hang with FB and the crew again any day! She's FUNNY!

Whew. I'm going to rest up for a few days (and ride around on the dog) but I'm looking forward to another road trip soon. I wonder where she'll send me next?


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ummm.... yeah..... Where the HECK am I?

I woke up this morning and there's all this NOISE around me, someone keeps shaking me and I'm hungry. "Hey, is there a way a monkey can get a string cheese?" No answer. Jeez!

I had fun at Fireblossom's but now I need to get home for a little R&R (Ruffles and Ranch dip) and then find a new adventure to begin. I miss my friend Sean the Sheep. And Bosco. Bosco was COOOOOOL.

Any takers?

I would like to request my own room, a Blue Ray and there's no way I'm going someplace without an XBox 360. A monkey has to have his zombie killing.

Wow, I wonder where I am? Probably North Dakota.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On The Road Again

Hello? It's dark again. That rotten Fireblossom stuffed me in a bag with my journal and I am stuck in here without even any first run movies to watch.