Friday, July 3, 2009

Livin' La Vida Loca

Hola, Chicos y Chicas. Mi nombre es Rabies, but for the next few weeks you can call me Rabioso.

Talk about culture shock! I landed in Miami yesterday and Scarlet greeted me with hugs and kisses and all kinds of Spanish phrases I didn't understand...but oye, today I know them all, thanks to her kids who totally Cubanized me.

Here I am hangin' with the boy...

...and bonding with the girl and "Snuggles," the puppy.

The first thing Scarlet did after showering me with love and introducing me to her family was steal my pop tarts. Just kidding! She shared half of one with me and introduced me to something better. Check out Scarlet's coconuts...on the TREE, sillies!

Not only does she grow them in her backyard, she also grows these:

Man, I LOVE it here...and they're not just making me say that! ¡Me gusta mucho Miami!

I can't wait to hit South Beach! I'm a little nervous about figure drawing class but Scarlet says not to worry. They've drawn hairier models.

Goodnight, my lovelies, mi amores, mi cielos. You're all bellas, maravillosas, divinas. (You should hear me, I sound like Antonio Banderas now.)

Until next time. Hasta la próxima.

Your Rrrrabioso. ;)


  1. oOo, he's rrrrrolling his rrrrr's! *swoon*

    BUT, I simply wasn't prepared, I mean this is a G Rated blog, yeah? What am I talking about??? I'm TALKING about the fact that Rabies is NUDE!!! I had to cover my eyes! He isn't wearing his neckwear! Or is it more casual in Miami?

    I am tempted here to make a comment about Scarlet's coconuts, but I think this whole blog is shocking enough without that! LOL

  2. Ileana rocks!
    I can't wait to meet her, too.

  3. Brilliant. I've been to blogs where people write as if they are a baby, someone who is dead, or someone who is a dog or a cat. I have a confession - I'm not a fan. This concept on the other hand has merit. ((((((applause))))))

    I came by from Pheromone Girl's blog to say congrats on the Pop Tart Award.

  4. Oh my dear Rabies, I hope you can come on out to Hollywood to these Hills I live in...! I think you would enjoy it and I know I would and so would my cat SWEETIE! Think about it. LOVED your visit with Scarlet....!