Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monkeying Around with Scarlet

Let me just begin by saying I LOVE THIS TOWN! I adore Miami! The warmth and love I receive from everyone here melts my monkey heart. Seriously, everywhere I go I receive the star treatment.

Take a look. Here I am with my new make-up artist. By the way, this chica sure knows how to make me blush! ;)

Yesterday Scarlet took me shopping...and I was assaulted by a mall rat.

Believe it or not, I kissed a mall rat...and I liked it!

But not as much as the mango lemonade. OMG! I LOVE the way they make it at Books 'n Books!!

Of course, I hung out with some Cubans...and even smoked one at Deco Drive Cigars. ;)

Here I am at the French guy's gallery checking out the pretty chicas.

After painting the town red with Scarlet, I was we stopped by David's Cafe for a quick fix, a shot of espresso. Looks like that lady needs it more than I do!

On the way to figure drawing class, guess who we ran into? One of the models!! Kendall! He was having an ice cream and I stuck around for a snack and some pointers on posing nude.

We squeezed a lot of fun in one day. Thank you, Scarlet. I will never forget you or Miami! You've both been verrry, verrry good to me!! :)



  1. WOW!! I want to come spend a say with Scarlet!!

  2. Wow, Rabies is living the charmed life!

  3. What a grand day you had, Rabies! Ever coming to Los Angeles?

  4. PG, you should've come with me!!

    Fireblossom, and it all started with you, dahling. ;)

    OldOldLady of the Hills, I would LOVE to visit you in LA! Imagine me in those hills. :)

  5. Wow, you certainly get around!

  6. Glad you had so much fun Rabies! You'd be bored out of your mind here in the UK!

  7. Looks like fun! If you ever fancy a trip to London, let me know!


  8. That is awesome that you get so many people to pose with you! good to see people still have a sense of fun and adventure. And if you bring back one of the chicas, so much the better *wink*