Friday, August 28, 2009

*I'm just wild about Scarlet...*

Oh, the stories I could tell! The fun! The adventures! The adoration!! I was in Miami, living the life!

I had such a wonderful time galavanting with the family. I need a few days to sleep it off the sun, the nightlife and the puppy. I'm feeling a little - unusual. But then, I'll be on a new adventure soon. Now, do I want to go to sunny California? Or should I make my way to many adventures in San Antonio?

Hmmmmmm.... I think I need to sleep on it. Mom - tell Ezmond to stop trying to eat me!



  1. Good luck not getting eaten! Tell Ezmond he should become a vegetarian :)

  2. Still trilling those rrr's...I love it!

    Miss you, my little friend. :(