Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'm ready to hit the road again. You know, find someplace sunny where I can hit the beach, learn to surf and be the coolest monkey on the planet. And mom doesn't make me clean up after the dog. Fireblossom never made me do chores... Ezmond looks like this when I wake up - ready to either eat me or drag me around the yard, burying me to find later. I think. And yes, that's Buddha on his nose. He thinks he's so - ZEN. Dork.

An invitation has been made to warmer climes and I'm waiting for confirmation that I'd be WELCOME to visit with a very cool family in the greater Miami area. Scarlet? Are you out there?


I wonder if I'll get some ink (maybe a TAT of my awesome bff Sean the Sheep), see lots of bikinis and tans, learn to speak Spanish, drink exotic things and basically have a complete BLAST while mom sits at home and works.

Ooh.... I'm sooooo excited!

1 comment:

  1. I love warm weather. Do you think you can smuggle me to Miami with you Rabies? If not, bring back warmth and a bit of sand to share.