Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where do I learn to speak Miamian in 4 easy lessons???

It's official... my next venture into the world of mom's friends will lead me to Miami!! I'm so excited, Mom's buying me an autograph book so all the cool people I meet can sign it.

She's packing me up for travel on Monday and I bet I'll be sitting on the beach next weekend, soaking up the rays and checking out the people. Mom - did you pack my swim trunks, the ones with monkeys on them?? Maybe I'll get to tag along to art class or hang out on Scarlet's desk at work. I hear she has a cool boss!

Wow! It's so nice to have people that want to meet me. I hear Scarlet has kids and a dog, too. And I bet she knows famous people like the Miami Dolphins and the guys from Miami Ink and maybe some cross dressers like there are in my favorite movie of all times, The Birdcage!! Ooh, I'm so excited!!

Hey, mom, could you pack some extra sandwiches this time? And how about the new Hellboy comic, hmmm? It gets boring in those mailing envelopes without the XBox 360...


  1. LOL - You are in for the adventure of a lifetime, little friend! :) Love the shorts, but you might have to take them off for sketch class. We'll see. ;)

    Can't wait to meet you!!

  2. Maybe Rabies can be in that new Bravo Network show "Miami Social"!